Day and Night System


Day And Night System

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    Our Day and Night System consists of the harmonious combination of a curtain with Blackout fabric and another with Sunscreen fabric. This combination allows you to enjoy the best of both fabrics: total control of the entry of sunlight.
    It is the perfect option for spaces where sunlight is required, as well as absolute darkness in some cases.
    An outstanding feature of this model is that its curtains move independently of each other. It includes two roller blinds: the one located in the front has Sunscreen fabric, which allows light to enter through its translucent fabric, and the one behind that has the blackout fabric, which has the function of completely darkening the space.

    Benefits And Advantages

    • Two curtains in one.
    • Versatility.
    • Practicality and functionality.
    • Absolute control of the lighting of a space.

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