Triple & Doble Shade Curtains


Triple & Doble Shade Curtains

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    This curtain model has an innovative design with the soft fabric sheets arranged horizontally and suspended between two translucent veils.
    The Triple Shade Curtains display an elegance given by the fabric, in combination with elegant designs. Depending on the position in which the curtain is to be configured, it allows having a visual of the outside or absolute privacy.
    In addition to covering the windows, these shade curtains allow you to enjoy great control of the light access, as required by the users.
    With an avant-garde design, this type of curtain comes in different types of fabrics with attractive, delicate, and dynamic colors and varied textures. Thanks to the special design of its base, it also minimizes the space between the fabrics, reducing light access.
    Our shade curtains include a sophisticated chain-operated drive, which allows for the curtains to be handled safely, firmly, and stably.

    Benefits And Advantages

    • Innovative and elegant design.
    • Variety of fabrics.
    • Full control of light input and privacy.
    • Powerful and effective mechanism.
    • Quality and resistant materials.
    • Opening control that provides an ideal environment with light and privacy, for different activities and times of the day.

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