Roller Blackout


Roller Blackout

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    This product perfectly combines a curtain system with a rotating ascent and descent mechanism, with the tightness and quality of Blackout fabric.

    Roller Blackout shades feature powerful, robust, and efficient mechanisms, and with modern designs to provide solutions, with the stamp of elegance and comfort, that distinguish our brand.

    Ideal for all types of spaces, they allow to completely darken the environment, thus minimizing the costs of temperature control, and providing comfort to users.

    On the other hand, the Roller Blackout system offers the possibility of obtaining overlapping curtains to further guarantee the blocking of external light.

    As a complement to the external light-blocking function of this type of curtain, it is possible to use lateral guides and an upper border to cover the rotary system.

    Benefits And Advantages

    • Total filtering concerning solar rays.
    • Varied, modern, and practical designs.
    • The models can be adapted to all kinds of spaces.
    • They allow controlling of the light intensity and temperature of the environment.
    • They guarantee privacy inside.
    • They protect furniture and other objects against UV rays.
    • They are durable and resistant.
    • They act as acoustic insulation.
    • They are completely washable.

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