Wood or Imitation Blinds


Wood Or Imitation Blinds

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    Wood or imitation wood blinds adapt to all kinds of environments, providing a touch of natural and modern lines at the same time.
    They are made of natural (or imitation) wood and present different models. This type of blind combines the beauty of nature with the versatility of regulating light with horizontal blinds.
    Each of its sheets provides natural tones that can match your furniture, providing warmth and a unique appearance to the spaces. The beauty of these shutters lies in the knots, grains, mineral deposits, and veins that stand out in each sheet, and that enhance the authenticity and nobility of the wood.

    Benefits And Advantages

    • Elegant.
    • Offer a fresh and natural touch to your spaces. Wooden Blinds allow you to regulate the light, creating an environment that is both warm and elegant.
    • Handcrafted with specially selected high stability wood, our blinds provide you with the greatest durability and reliability
    • All material is produced under USA standards, treated through industrial processes to prevent the growth of fungi and mites, and prevents the discoloration of the material produced by UV rays.
    • The blinds are simple, durable, and elegant.
    • Our collection has a variety of colors and finishes.
    • Grants you the perception of wood, but with the resistance and quality of our exclusive materials.
    • Solar control: Four positions, 180 degrees closed, 90, and 90.
    • Antiallergic.

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